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A Little Goes a Long Way

Want to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle but don't know how? It's easy! Join us on our Community Challenge and take up ONE sustainable pledge!

15 November to 11 December 2021 

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How do I participate?

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Take up ONE sustainable pledge

Submit your pledge and

upload a photo 

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Unlock rewards based on the number of pledges we receive

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500 Pledges = $2 Rental Voucher

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1,000 Pledges = $3 Rental Voucher

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2,000 Pledges = $4 Rental Voucher

More Pledges, Bigger Voucher

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Progress Tracker

Tier 1 = 500 Pledges

We will release the rental voucher on our Facebook page on 13 December based on the number of pledges received. 

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Take up 1 of our 4 Sustainable Pledges now!

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Reusable Bags

Use a reusable bag when grocery shopping

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Bamboo Cutlery

Use bamboo cutlery instead of plastic ones

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Bring a takeaway container when you DABAO food!

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Bar Soap

Reduce plastic bottles and shower with bar soaps instead

Submit your pledge!
I pledge to embark on ONE of the following sustainable action for the next one month:
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and content submitted are the sole property of BlueSG. I further agree not to contest the rights granted to BlueSG by virtue of my consent hereunder.

*By clicking on “agree” above will apply in addition to any consent which you may have provided previously to BlueSG regarding your marketing preferences. If you do not agree, any consent provided by you previously will continue to apply.

Thanks for submitting your pledge!


1. Can non-BlueSG members participate in the Community challenge? 
No, only BlueSG members can participate in this challenge.

2. Can I submit more than one pledge? 
Yes, you can submit more than one pledge! However, it will still be considered one submission. 

3. Do I need to upload a photo with my submission? 
Yes, you will need to upload a photo of yourself doing any one of the four sustainable pledges to qualify as a successful submission. Do note that the member and the pledge action must be visible in the photo. 

4. When will BlueSG announce the results of the community challenge? 
We will announce the results of the community challenge on our 4th Year anniversary Facebook Live stream on 12 December 2021. 
If sufficient pledges are received, a rental voucher promotion code will be made available on BlueSG’s Facebook page on 13 December for BlueSG members to utilise. 


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